Best Makeup Looks for 2019

From deep auburn lips to bold pops of colour, there is no better time to experiment with dramatic makeup than in the winter.

This year’s top makeup looks offer no shortage of variety – from classic to contemporary to futuristic. We’ve collected some of our favourite makeup trends to help you look and feel gorgeous for 2019.

Statement Colours

It’s all about the eyes. One of the biggest trends to hit the runway in 2019 has been varying shades of colour applied on lids in imperfect strokes. Colours ranged from royal blues, to oranges, to pastels.

Colourful Puckers

Gone are the days of lipstick being limited to shades of pink and red. 2019 has ushered in a new wave of bold lipsticks colours that are fun, funky, and fresh. Try out a range of colours including orange, wine red, magenta, and even black. 

Edgy Wings

Looking to experiment and get creative with your eyeliner? Channel your inner Twiggy by framing only the crease of your wings. This shape has more of a unique flair than a regular winged liner, without being too wild.

Fairy Dust Eyes 

It’s time to shine. For something more enchanting, the fairy dust technique uses shimmering pigments to help create a concentrated glow. To achieve a funky foil effect, apply several layers of shimmer overtop of your eyeshadow.

Rose Garden Cheeks

Some classics never go out of style. Great for the runway or everyday wear, pink cheeks are an easy-to-achieve look that will give you the perfect natural glow. Want to try something different? Opt for peach for a natural flushed look. 

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