Back To School: A New Year, A New Look

Back to school season is officially upon us. Whether you’re ready or not, a new school year is a great opportunity for you to try out a fresh new look. We’ve taken the latest hair and beauty trends to help you shine inside and out on your first week back in school.

Barley-There Waves

Stuck trying to choose between straight hair or loose waves? Achieved simply with a flatiron, this is a quick and easy way to add depth and dimension to your hair, while still looking effortlessly cool. Summer may be coming to an end, but these waves will have you feeling beachy well into the fall.

Wraparound Ponytails

If you’re looking for an easy, heatless back to school hairstyle, or something for when you’re running late, a wraparound ponytail takes only a matter of minutes to achieve. Great for rocking either your natural hair or straight, this high ponytail just requires that you leave a few strands out to wrap the base of the ponytail.

Top Knot

Hitting the snooze button? This is the perfect look for those mornings that you need an extra couple of zzz’s. Begin making the look by pulling your hair into a high ponytail, then wrap your hair around the base and secure it with a hair tie. That’s it! For something different, let the ends of your pony hang down for a Top Knot Train.


Bring a touch of summer with you into the school year! There are so many ways to wear braids; from twisted fishtails and elegant crowns to wrapped around a top knot and sleek pigtails, there’s a kind of braid for every style, colour or face shape.

The Wet Look

Keep that poolside look going even when you’re stuck in a classroom with a subtle wet look. Run some mousse through your hair post-shower and let it air dry. Once the moisture is completely gone, gently brush out the very ends of your hair for a sleek and edgy statement.


Our talented hairstylists understand all the latest trends in bridal hairstyles and can help you achieve the perfect look for your special day. We encourage you to book a consultation appointment to ensure you get the exact hairstyle you envision.

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