3 Trends in Hair and Makeup That Won’t Be Going Away Anytime Soon

Trends come and go, but the best trends tend to stick around. Sometimes trends are already past their prime by the time you even get around to thinking of adopting them as part of your beauty routine. That being said, there are some recent trends in hair and makeup that we can’t see disappearing anytime soon.


Cruelty-Free Cosmetics and Haircare

More and more brands have taken a stand against cosmetics testing on animals. Brands both big and small have welcomed the change, with large companies like COVERGIRL taking the cruelty-free pledge. Cruelty-free brands will often have a “Leaping Bunny” logo from Cruelty-Free International, signifying their official cruelty-free status.


Environmentally Friendly Care

Hair care and cosmetics companies are beginning to jump on the environmentally friendly train. With environmentally conscious shoppers increasingly looking for natural ingredients and shunning cosmetic additives that damage Mother Nature, large companies have begun to expand their lines of natural cosmetics and hair care products. More and more salons – including our own – have also begun to adopt these new, gentle, ecological cosmetics and hair care solutions. With that in mind, it’s hard to see this trend fading out anytime soon.


Custom is Key

You customize your hairstyle. You customize your outfit. You customize your accessories. Heck, you even customize your phone case. So, why not customize what’s in your cosmetics and hair care products? Online brands are increasingly looking to appeal to a younger crowd and have found that shoppers like the idea of customizing the ingredients and effects of their cosmetic and hair products to suit their own needs. With increasing online shopping and better technology making customization easier, this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

At Rinaldo’s Hair Designers and Spa, we pride ourselves in staying on the cutting edge of hair care and cosmetics. That’s why we’re a Green Circle Salon, ensuring that we are and continue to be at the forefront of environmentally conscious beauty solutions. So, go ahead, book an appointment at our salon and spa today, and look as beautiful as Mother Nature herself!

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