3 Reasons Why Your Dad, Husband, Boyfriend, or BFF Deserves the Salon and Spa Treatment

Ever ask one of the men in your life if they’ve been to a salon or spa? Many will roll their eyes, say that they already have a barber and that they would rather spend their day off at the golf course, relaxing with friends, or spending time with family. There is, however, a lot that a day spent at the salon and spa can do for a man that a 20-dollar barber trim simply just can’t do.


They don’t call them “manicures” for nothing!

Many men scoff at the idea of getting a manicure or pedicure without having ever experienced one before. When they realize that manicures not only look aesthetically pleasing but also feel divine, they generally change their tune. Moisturized, well-managed hands feel more comfortable, especially when your job involves using your hands. Hangnails, callouses, and cracked, itchy dry skin combined will create discomfort. Comfort is one of the keys to happiness, so why should the men in your life live with uncomfortable hands?


Get those lines just right.

Ask most men about what they find to be the trickiest part of beard maintenance, and you’ll likely get a lot of men complaining about shaving the lines of their beard just right. A few millimetres off on either side and what could have been a sharply trimmed beard becomes a crooked mess. Let a salon professional trim that beard to the perfect shape and length.


Tame those greys!

Everybody gets grey hairs eventually, but different people deal in different ways with this inevitable sign of aging. Some embrace their greys, letting their natural colour fade away. Others choose to dye their greys, maintaining a sleek, youthful shade. Whatever the preference, salon professionals are well-versed in finding and achieving the perfect amount of grey for the men in your life. Whether they’re a “silver fox,” or a “salt-and-pepper stallion,” a visit to the salon will leave men with hair that looks just as good as they feel.


Just go for it!

So, why not treat the men in your life to a day at the salon and spa? Trust us, they’ll thank you later. Book an appointment with our salon specialists today!

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