3 Hairstyles that’ll Show ‘em Who’s Boss

Whether you’re a working professional or a hard studying student, some days you want to show off a no mess, no fuss hairstyle that just means “business.” Here are a few no-nonsense hairstyles you should make part of your weekday repertoire.


Tight, Twisted Top Bun

Classic. Neat. Elegant. Tidy. Professional. Just some of the words you could use to describe a tightly twisted top bun. This classic professional look is relatively quick and easy to manage for those mornings where you jump out of bed and then immediately jump out the door.


Twisted, Tucked, and Parted to the Side


Put your hair up into a simple short bob, parting it to the side, twist up, and then tuck in the front and side sections of hair. A twisted and tucked bob with a side part brings a little flair to your work hair!


Super Long High Ponytail 

If you’ve got long hair for days, then why not show it off? This fierce, fun, professional look has seen a resurgence in popularity, with celebrities like Ariana Grande sporting it as their signature style. It’s an easy style that fits both professional as well as casual occasions; perfect for those Fridays when you want to quickly go from the office to a night out with friends.


Whatever hair-style fits you, our hair designers can give you personalized advice on how to style and care for your unique hair.

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