hair design – we treat our customers like stars

Enter a truly revolutionary area – the hair styling area, unlike any other.

There are no strong overbearing scents that inevitably accompany a stylist shop. And there’s no clutter or mess. Just a clean, relaxing atmosphere for you to enjoy. This is your time.

Discuss exactly what you want with our professional stylists. Individuality is key. Customized cuts and color combination allow you to achieve your own expression. And, all of your hair requests, style and color details are kept on file.

Hair styling services

New talent Top Stylist Master Stylist
Cut and Blow Style $50.00* & up
$68.00* & up
$78.00* & up
Blow Style $30.00* & up
$42.00* & up
$48.00* & up
Men’s Cut and Style $30.00* & up
$42.00* & up
$48.00* & up
Formal Styles and Up Styles $77.00 & up $90.00* & up $99.00 & Up


Hair extensions

Hotfusion As Per Consultation 
Coldfusion As Per Consultation 

Technical services

Colour $68* & up
Full Colour $88* & up
Half Head Foils $90* & up
Full Head Foils $135* & up
Mini Partial  $70* & up
Cap Highlights $80* & up
Bleach & Toner $80* & up
Flamboyage $145* & up
Ombre $145* and up
Creative Colour As Per Consultation
Colour Correction As Per Consultation
Stainglass Treatment $40* & up
Alchemic Silver Treatment $15* & up
Perm $90* & up
Spiral Perm $135* & up
Perm $90* & up
Agave Defrizzing System As Per Consultation
Cezanne Smoothing System As Per Consultation

*pricing subject to change at any time. 

*colour prices are subject to consultation, dependent on hair length and/or density, where more time and/or product is needed.

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