personalized nail care

At Rinaldo Hair Designers and Spa every treatment begins with a personal consultation in which we discuss your specific needs. We use the highest standards in technique and sterilization for our tools and work environment. Select one of our luxurious manicures.


Regular or French Manicure

A long lasting manicure including cleansing, nail shaping hand massage and polish.
Regular: $33.36
Men’s Manicure: $26.91 
French: $37.66 
Approximately 45 minutes

The Spa Manicure

In addition to the cleansing and nail shaping, this manicure includes a cuticle cleansing , an exfoliation of the fingers and wrists, and paraffin wrap and hand massage, followed by a long lasting polish.
$50.58 Approximately 1 hour

Nail Care

Regular Manicure $33.36
Men’s Manicure $26.91
French Manicure $37.66
Polish Change $23.66
French Polish Change $24.75
Spa Manicure $50.58
Shellac Manicure Regular $49.51
Shellac Manicure French $53.80
Shellac Regular Fix $6.99
Shellac French Fix $7.53
Shellac Regular Polish Change $39.81
Shellac French Polish Change
Shellac Spa Regular Manicure $66.73
Shellac Spa French Manicure $72.11
Shellac Removal $10.76
Silk Wrap $7.54
Nail Repair $12.92

personalized pedicures

Select one of our luxurious Pedicures

Regular Pedicure

This treatment includes a foot soak, nail and gentle cuticle work, removal of calluses, a foot and leg scrub and a relaxing massage. We will be glad to finish your experience with a polish application of your choice.
$62.42 Approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes

The Spa Pedicure

You can add to your regular pedicure described above, a choice of treatment for your feet such as aroma therapy paraffin wrap or a foot mask.
$80.72 Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes

Foot Care

Regular Pedicure $62.42
French Pedicure $67.80
French Pedicure $80.72
Polish Change $32.28
French Polish Change $37.66
Shellac Regular Pedicure $83.95
Shellac French Pedicure $89.33
Shellac Regular Fix $6.99
Shellac Regular Polish Change $53.81
Shellac French Polish Change $59.19
Shellac Spa Regular Pedicure
Shellac Spa French Pedicure $107.62
Paraffin Foot Treat $21.53
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