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Ottawa Cold Weather Skin Care Tips

The weather has turned colder, the trees have lost their leaves and soon enough the whipping wind and cold temperatures will begin to affect the beautiful skin that you have worked so hard to achieve throughout the year. During the colder months of your skin tends to lose much of its moisture and elasticity due to the changes in humidity both indoors and out, but don’t worry; Ottawa’s Premier Hair and Skin Care Spa, Rinaldo, has the “Cures” for your cold weather skin care needs.

Let’s start by identifying your skin type:

Normal Skin- Does not reveal any traces of oil and skin is clean, smooth, elastic and supple.

Oily Skin- Face is visibly shiny looking, and literally feels slightly wet to the touch. Oily skin also has large pores that are prone to acne breakouts if the skin is not well maintained.

Dry Skin- Skin feels very tight and is noticeably flaky in areas and can look rough and bumpy. Dry skin can easily develop a sallow tone, wrinkles, and fine pores, and it is very prone to aging and irritation.

Combination Skin- The most common skin type, combination skin is just what its name implies, your skin tends to get oily around your nose, chin, and forehead area, and dry around your cheeks, while the rest of your skin is fairly normal.

Sensitive Skin- If have reactions to certain cosmetics and irritated skin after a dramatic change in weather, you have sensitive skin. Sensitive skin can be difficult to work with without the proper products.

Now that you have an idea about what skin type you are you need to realize that regardless of your skin type, hydration is the key to keeping your skin smooth, soft and supple. We recommend you work with one of our highly trained estheticians to choose one of Ottawa’s most sought after facials that include both our customized Cures and targeted facials to accommodate your specific skin care needs. Remember, just because your skin may be oily does not mean that you shouldn’t be appropriately moisturized. Our skin care specialists will also work with you to determine the appropriate follow up skin care regimen to keep your newly hydrated skin moisturized and glowing. Give us a call and let Ottawa’s premier skin care professionals take your skin to the next level.

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