5 Hair Trends to Try This Spring

The wait is almost over. The days are longer, the snow is melting, and the temperature is slowly rising. Spring is finally on its way.

A new season brings with it a whole new host of hairstyles. Take inspiration from New York Fashion week, where styles ranged from 80’s throwbacks to natural textures.

Interested in trying a new look for Spring? These are some of 2018’s hottest trends.



Everyone has been tempted by fringe at some point. While it might feel like a big commitment, there has never been a better time to take the plunge. From sweeping side bangs to bold blunt cuts, fringe is an instant style statement that is guaranteed to turn heads. Whether you have curly or straight hair (or something in between), fringe is a great way to accessorize, while also framing your face.


Brushed Out Curls

Did you know that the secret for achieving perfect curls is to actually brush them out? This simple yet effective trick makes for a softer, more natural texture in just seconds. By brushing through the curls, they’ll look less Shirley Temple and more glamorous and effortless. Make sure to avoid over brushing – you only need to brush over the sections once. Finish with a little shine spray and you’re done.



Spring is the season to accessorize, and with retro looks being all the rage right now, your options are endless. For a more poised and polished look you can go with bejewelled hairbands or clips, while velvet scrunchies or stretch combs make for a more effortless chic style. Not only do these accessories look great and make a statement, but they also help keep hair perfectly in place.


Pixie Cut

Mia Farrow perfected the pixie cut back in the 60’s and now it’s back to take over 2018. Short and sleek pixie cuts are not only effortless, but they help illuminate facial features. Whether you prefer more natural, or bold avant-garde colours, pixie cuts work on just about any style. What’s better is that you can add fringe or accessories (see above) to bring even more drama to your cut.



Of all of the trends on the list, balayage is hands down the look of 2018. This highlighting technique creates a soft, natural-looking effect that is easy to maintain. It’s subtle, low maintenance, and most of all, gorgeous. Get ready for summer and sunshine by adding brighter blondes to your look.


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